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2009-04-18 01:35:39 by azrag

I would like some beta testers on the site if anyone would like to try it and register and comment i would be happy to have feedback or any suggestions on anything whether its the site not being user friendly or simply something that should be an addon. The website is below please try it out and give me some feed back. Thanks. Also the profile system is almost up so be prepared to have your own personal userpage on the site here really soon. And please submit your content we need more content thanks..

Every Sector Link


Also added 2 girls 1 cup on there as well here is the link below :)


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2009-05-27 15:15:30

Account Suspended? :(


2009-08-01 19:58:31

your an idiot the borg ship that visits earth is not a cube its a sphere in first contact a sphere visits earth


2009-10-09 20:34:14

I wuv ur cute lil bear pic. GO STAR TREK!