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Improving Individual Crimes, Illegal Immigration!

2009-12-23 04:59:52 by azrag

The Stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Hey folks im a bit down in the dumps lately.... sigh! My job was recently stolen by a short brown creature known as the mexican. Its a shame really because i am a mexican as well, but only a quarter mexican. This means that because i am a German Spic I am not accepted anywhere. I will give an example, I was at my job answering phones for customer service and suddenly BOOM! An army of mexicans came in waged a battle with sword and shield for our jobs. We tried holding them off but since mexicans are part human and rabbit this means they breed in litters. How do we send them back over the border your probably wondering. Well I have a plan my friends and if we execute it right we can live without the poop stain on our fair country.

I wrote this exclusively in English to make sure Beaners couldnt pass on my valuable information. I have been an advocate of keeping this melting pot less polluted kinda like how Hitler would have wanted it. So the plan will be to restrict the taco bell franchises to Texas only. Then once we have them right where we want em! We capture them in a big net and throw that dirty laundry in the neighbors lawn. Once these stained clothes are back in Mexico we can then rebuild our white population. Now I believe we should discriminate against all Mexicans even if they were born here. Now the gay supporting obama Americans believe this is wrong! But i believe we must embrace a more.... you know.... pure race. Like the smirfs, Vulcans, Ewoks, Michael Jackson and Australians.

I found out that this idea probably wouldn't work well in America so i think we should make the best of these resources. It would be like turning your shit into food again (shits been good lately man). So I am gonna give out the 5 Ws. Will, Work, Wishing, Washing and Whoopy. Alright let me explain these important Ws. First you need the Will to gather up as many Mexicans as possible and give them shock collars. Now comes the Working park just get whips and chains and pay them in yen i think... Then comes wishing, if you shout at Jesus like you shout at Armando for not beating his record cleaning time you will receive the wish of your dreams. Because Jesus only responds to the loudest bidder. It can get kinda stinky if they are living in your attic or basement so make sure your pets Wash out in the front lawn with the hose. If your neighbors ask questions simply say your mother was a slut and had sex with a ton of mexicans and these are your half brothers. Next comes Whoopy hehehehe. Keep the female Mexicans in your bedroom and make sweet love to them. See Mexicans i guess aren't all bad. In fact I think Mexicans are the latest improvement in modern technology and can be used to properly build the American Empire I have dreamed of!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now what? Well i have gone over 2 scenarios that will not only make me money.... BUT YOU CAN MAKE MONEY TO! So Heres what we gotta do folks! Call your senators and legalize throwing them over the border where they belong and it will be like the old days where we could beat our wifes and keep blacks in their place. Ah one can dream cant he. But please guys this cant go on, Mexicans are leeches and if this keeps up how will Santa know the bad mexican kids to the good American White Childrens. I CAN NOT STAND FOR THIS INJUSTICE!!!! America its your responsibility to change our morals. To conclude this article I would like to point out that every minute a Beaner lives in the USA a child is sodomized by a creepy white guy named Barack Obama. America please think of the poor small children and feel guilty. VERY GUILTY!

The Stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.


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