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Mike's Man Diary Archive Stage 1 & 2

Posted by azrag - December 23rd, 2009

Dear Diary,
I have been playing church league basketball and have to say I am having a blast. I never knew rubbing my nuts on another mans ass could be so fun while hes posting up on you. I am a great defender and thats why I block shots (as well as cocks). I cant say diary i am the greatest offensive player but when i get that ball i fire up a shot and miss it. I then proceed to show my man tits to the other players in hopes they will surrender the ball back to me. I gotta say alot of the dudes i play against might look good as females if i put fake tits on them and a wig and plowed them from behind after having some dos equis. I am a real fan of that beer diary and it has got me laid more times than any (mainly by pre-op or post-op trannys). Non the less i am feeling down in the dumps diary.... i was searching for hentai and found that rule 34 crap. Whats rule 34? If it exists, there is porn of it. So sadly enough I find an old nickelodeon show Ah Real Monsters and i am now so very cold. This rule several times has ruined the things once innocent to me (like Doug, Catdog, Kenan And Kel, Kablam, and much more). Well I am done for now diary I am gonna masturbait and see how bad my cum stains your pages. Toodles!

Dear Diary, Stardate 1213.09
I went to Wal-Mart today and hit on single mothers in their 60s mainly. I managed to get 4 phone numbers. One of them was missing teeth!!!! I am very excited to get head from Mandy as well. I found out one of them has aids and thats no good. I intend to wear 5 condoms when i fuck her 75 year old cunt. I often ask myself diary, why do i go after women so old? Well diary its because they cant get pregnant! If i dated a girl 18 to 35 i would have a fair chance of having to raise a kid with her. I mean sure you could use a coat hanger or kill the bitch if she refuses abortion, but whats the point. I like doing as little work as possible without the stress. Diary sometimes i wish i could fuck you... I mean you let me draw on you and talk in Spanish and you never need to take a bath and waste my water.

I recently had a wet-dream about eating burritos out of my friends vagina. She didnt think it was funny. In fact i now have a restraining order put on me because i guess i was sleep walking. So what, cant a man enjoy a burrito in his friends cunt. I went to jail for acouple days and got my ass rammed by some guy named Billy. Its safe to say im not gay because i came only two times. Once I got out of jail i decided to do a cross burning in my neighbors lawn. Little did I know he was an arab black!!! "A SANDN****R!" I gasped as i made a citizens arrest and the cross still burning. I then proceeded to use my abilities to throw him into jail and right now i am watching over this dark city with barely any darkies. BUT STILL DIARY!!!! Barely is still to many!!!!!!!!

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