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Mike's Man Diary - Tranny Montana!

2009-12-24 20:04:43 by azrag

Dear Diary,
I have a confession to make..... I like little girls.........!!!!!!!!!! I watched Hannah Montana today with my date and then we fucked. But heres the worst part when i went to put that money shot in his face I saw her face instead. Oh diary im totally not gay either because when i fuck the dude he is the catcher........ Im not gay diary hes getting the surgery down their next week so KNOCK IT OFF!!!!! Okay back to the subject. I kept thinking about her and then i went to Wal-Mart And purchased KY-Jelly to make sure letting one off would be fantastic. I then watched a full episode diary! I cant tell you the plot points all i know is her dad is using her to make money i think. Once i came i realized my tranny lover and I needed to order a Hannah Montana mask so when im fucking that ass and looking at the dick and balls (i mean vagina sorry) I can look at Hannah staring back at me with those cold eyes and her........ UH!!1!1!!!! Sorry babe i came on your pages again i know you hate that. Alright diary i gotta put ya back on the shelf. One more thing Diary I got a mini Hannah Montana mask for you as well so you will be less neglected by me alright? Good night sweet prince.....

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Mike's Man Diary - Tranny Montana!


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