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Mike Man Diary - The Internet in Pill Form!

2009-12-26 05:25:27 by azrag

Dear Diary,
I entered the Internet today! it was amazing I met a black guy in the back alley while taking a piss, and all of a sudden he smiled and i saw him. I said "are you gonna rob me Morpheus?" He replied "no my good sir I have the ability to let you go through the internet!!!!". We discussed his pill that would allow me to flow freely through the internet tubes! I was tempted diary. I could view porn or bust out of someones screen like in that horror movie where the internet takes over. So I took the pill and could feel my body being converted into a digital signal! I then ran around and entered the internet! Morpheus was right internet air is much more scrumptious and smells become breathes of orgasms. This internet i was in had clowns and tons of cats using bad grammer. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!!! I then entered a gay porn site. Where not only were there naked men I found my self totally aroused! I had to leave before my semen would travel across the tubes and impregnate cute anime nurses. Lets say when the pill wore off I found myself in a respectable household with a super soaker and womens panties on and repeating the saying "THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE THIS FAR NO FARTHER" and smacking my super soaker across the dudes wifes tits. I had to admit my time in jail was less eventful. But one day diary i plan to get a prescription of internet pills from my local pharmacy and explore the tubes once again.......

The Stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

Mike Man Diary - The Internet in Pill Form!


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2010-08-19 05:25:28

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