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Hey guys I am currently programming a site called and i have been needing artists to submit their content to get both you the artist recognized and the site its self to get noticed. Its a flash community so far but it will be much more than that very soon because i intend to get every sector of entertainment together into one site XD. I hope you all join the site on my user system there is no profile editing yet however there will be options for you to do that on the forum thanks for taking the time guys.

Happy 9/11 Republican Faggots

2008-09-11 02:20:53 by azrag

Alright im tired of a horrible event like 9/11 being used for political conquest by the republicans to win an election and to invade countries because of flat out paranoia. There is no point in americans living in fucking fear you assholes were a country that is based off the ideas of freedom and bravery. Yet we cower in fear to terrorism. All I can say is its a bumrap we cant look at improvement of humanity and not a simple profit so we can continue to feed our fucking large stomachs and watch tv and always wonder when gonna die. FUCK YOU I choose a different path one where I know I will die but also know im gonna attempt to make an honest difference and realize my soul will go wherever it goes satisfied with life. So dont even commemorate 9/11 till these fuck off politicians stop using it everytime they wanna fuck more lives over. I may be a small voice but I know people gotta realize whats going on and that republicans are rich snobby bastards who care about profit not people. Some democrats are even the same so i say fuck all you im not voting this year because its all pointless.

I love Newgrounds because of its lovely games and movies and interesting fanbase of nerdy dudes and chicks like myself who love making fucked up flashes. Newgrounds is where I want to meet my next girlfriend if the ones in this small town are lame. Newgrounds is always there for me (when my penis is hard). The Newgrounds Audio Portal saves my computers resources so i dont have to use bittorrent to listen to something cool. Newgrounds has a sexy owner named Tom Fulp who is related to another moar sexy mountain man version of himself Wade Fulp which makes my imaginary vagina wetter than the ocean. I like the Newgrounds BBS when I need guidance from 14 year old retarded kids who fap on their parents computer. Newgrounds has the Flash Portal where I blam and save my favorite movies while im at work. Newgrounds is very Newgrounds and will always be its Newgroundy self so remember Tom Keep Newgrounds basic idea the same but always improve upon it..... or ill lose my hard on.

Newgrounds is Very Newgrounds (w/ MOAR

Piracy and The Internets

2008-09-04 02:02:24 by azrag

Alrighty everyone lets just face it.... we are fucking poor assholes (well most of us) and we need a way to actually watch our favorite movies and read our favorite books without draining our wallet. So we use things like limewire and bittorrent to get these digital copies of favorite things. Now I understand artists need money to keep up this classics and horrible piece of shit flicks. But fuck it the people who actually have the money will buy it and if the movie is good enough even the poorest of us will buy the real copy. Besides you have no idea how many times ive went to a movie theater and wished I had my time and money back after watching a shitty flick not worthy of my money. So I look at downloading "illegally" as a way to fully preview and determine if the shit is worth the $20 it is at walmart.

Torrenting and limewire give the movie industry the opportunity to have they're movies gets noticed by a wide audience as well. What ever happened to art just being something to watch and appreciate. Now its all about how much typical bullshit they can put in this movies that isnt even original and just want you to give them millions for some flashy crap with no meaning just violence and no real cracked out storyline. Honestly I feel good when people download movies now because everything sucks except for some movies that come out which are actually looking to post a message not a god damn dollar sign.

My closing statement for this article is that actors are overpaid and dont deserve the gross amount of money they make so I say we all download and lower the money they make. I wont lose any fuckin sleep when Tom Cruise loses 2 million dollars off his typical salary. These actors are spoiled brats and need to get a lot of money but not amounts that even god would be pissed off about. Anyway I hope you all download movies and hopefully buy the dvd if the movie is worthy of buying and keep on doing what your doing XD.

-Michael Garza

Perfect Pushup Fuckin ROCKS!!!

2008-09-02 03:06:42 by azrag

god ive been using the perfect pushup for awhile now and im just getting excellent results im losing fat and gaining muscle like a madman. I eat alot of peanut butter mainly for the protein in it which is 8 grams per serving with about 175 calories which isnt bad if ya think about it. The most pushups i can do in a row with these things is about 50 ( not bad huh XD) Anywho ive had these for about 3 months id say and they just give ya power in your back muscles and make running much easier and now im just as good as your local track star. Im not trying to promote this for the guy who made it but I definitely gotta tell you guys that you should get the product at walmart its just awesome. Besides I used to be a fat piece of shit and a weakling now im strong enough to kick the shit out of most of the people who used to be cock suckers to me. I tell you guys this will give you superman muscles im serious. Weight lift also dont get rid of all your exercise routines because you have this you still need to put loads of resistance on parts of your body. I carry these things in my backback to when i go to work because I work for Bi-coastal Media you guys may have heard of them if you live in Oregon, anyhow I go to work and when I get some free time and use these and bam I feel great afterwords. So go out and buy this shit please you will not only feel good mentally about yourself youll be healthy because of good exercise. And maybe some of you flash artists will have a better imagination when creating a new flash game or movie and come up with something original. Alright guys i gotta head out please take my advice I want to see ngers with confidence because you guys are the type of people I like helping.

- Mike Garza
(lol pic unrelated but always gives me a lol)

Perfect Pushup Fuckin ROCKS!!!

The Worlds First Digital Drug

2008-09-01 18:34:29 by azrag

I found a great alternative to smoking weed finally XD. Because im looking for a job i never know when i am gonna be interviewed so I cant exactly smoke weed everyday. So I found something that acts as a drug without putting the chemicals in your body. What this does is it uses binaural beats which mess with your brain chemistry to emulate the effects of the drugs. I recently listened to it and it really made me feel good afterwords, my endorphin levels were definitely higher than usual. Its really an interesting idea and now I dont have to worry about carrying weed around or having it in my system. Im sure most of the newgrounders on here are drug addicts like me who crave nicotine and THC on a daily basis. The author of this George Torrez who helps stoners everywhere i guess XD.

Here is a link for you to check it out on below
The Worlds First Digital Drug

Rock Me Sexy Jesus Sing Along!!!

2008-08-27 02:51:59 by azrag

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God I gotta see this movie it looks friggin hilarious especially if Satan is french kissing the president of the united states lol. Heres the singalong enjoy this shit because its original. And remember Jesus is sexy I dont care what anyone says XD.

MMOFighting Game (w/Flash 8 & PHP)

2008-08-26 17:17:54 by azrag

Well I decided I am going to plot out an online fighting game using flash 8. But I dont know how well its networking capability is and if I could create good interaction between other players without latency problems. The idea behind it is to have an RPG fighting server and a regular fighting server where people play off skill only and not attributes they gained. Me and a buddy of mine are gonna be working with php and flash 8 and im hoping that php is a good server tool for fast character interaction but I have little experience in this field. I am in need of some input on ideas of networking technology thats compatible with flash 8. I want to also have a unique character creation tool that im gonna be developing to allow people to paste images of their face and put in expression faces for when they get hit and such or their character could simply be a drawing they made in the art tool im gonna develop in flash as well. Im going to use a mysql database to save character profiles that people create. All in all i hope im successful but as I say all input is greatly appreciated

I Need Quick Money! Suggestions?

2008-08-22 00:37:53 by azrag

Alright im running in into money problems and im trying to get a job because i am unemployed at the moment and its pissing me off. I considered the selling drugs thing like selling pixie stix to kids making them think its coke then them giving me their credit card or something. But I was thinking on the lines of the good old internets if anyone can suggest a method of quick scamless internet money I am all ears at the moment.

Butt Sex For The First Time!

2008-08-21 03:15:36 by azrag

im proud to say I stuck it in a girls ass the other day and it was marvelous she actually wanted it and I stuck it right it the pooper. Hell I dont think i need women anymore ive becum an ass man....... well i still like the vagine.